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Champion Sustainability Together

We engage by providing our partners with collecting, sorting, recycling, upcycling and consulting services.

Closing the loop on production by turning used textiles and shoes into second-hand sellable goods.

Sustainable Global Solutions

Our 8R Zero Waste ecosystem is designed to generate global awareness, research and results to a global opportunity. 

From Linear to Circular Economy

Closing the loop requires the careful collection and sorting of materials. Unwanted textiles and shoes are given additional life cycles within our 8R ecosystem.

Zero Waste Tolerance Programs

Each year, over 150 million tons of textiles and shoes are sold worldwide. A significant amount of items end up in a landfill negatively impacting the environment. 

Our Approach to a Circular Economy

1 percent

Of textiles are recycled into new clothes

20 Billion

Pairs of shoes are produced annually

150 MM

Tons of textiles & shoes sold annually


What we do


We partner with retailers, thrifters and charity stores to offer take-backs and inventory liquidations. We also collect pre-loved items at schools, places of worship and events.


We believe sorting material is art. Every item has use and value. With a focus on reuse, our team manually sorts every piece of textile and shoes collected to transform it into the 8R ecosystem.


When material is not able to have its shelf-life extended, we attempt to find a repurpose and reuse for the item as a raw material. If the textile is able to be recycled, the production loop will remain closed. 

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What we believe

We believe that nearly 95% of used clothing can be reused and recycled. Imagine the impact on deciding to help reduce the amount of textiles going into landfills by simply reusing or recycling these materials.
We believe pre-loved textiles and gently-worn shoes can help individuals start and sustain a small business that can lift families out of poverty worldwide. 
We believe The secondhand economy will grow to nearly 1.5 times the size of fast fashion (retailers with high turnaround) within the next 10 years

Champions of Sustainability

Some of the organizations we've worked with to champion sustainability in our communities.

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Proud Members of:

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