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Meet Sortworthy - The Florida Startup Giving Textiles and Shoes a Second Life to Prevent Them from Going to Landfills

Now offering home pick-up service for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, and Miami residents, Sortworthy is closing the loop on production by utilizing an 8R Zero Waste mindset

(St. Petersburg, FL) - It is no secret that environmental impacts are front of mind for millions of Americans. Every day landfills are packed to the brim with goods polluting the air and water supplies. The EPA estimates that landfills are the third-largest source of human-related meth- ane emissions in the United States, but why? Items like textiles and shoes that can be recycled are not being recycled and the consequence is the health of the community. However, one company is on a mission to rally the community together and close the production loop by re- cycling used textiles and shoes into second-hand sellable goods.

Introducing Sortworthy, the Florida-based startup offering home pickup service of textiles and shoes in Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville Florida to champion sustainable change - together. Founded on the 8R Zero Waste ecosystem (Reduce, Rethink, Recycle, Regift, Recover, Repair, Reuse, or Refuse) Sortworthy is committed to tackling the issue of textile recycling.

Every year over 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced, 150 million tons of textiles and only 1% of that gets recycled. Understanding that change comes as a collective effort, Sortworthy is encouraging community members to schedule a pickup to recycle their old shoes and clothing to prevent these items from filling the landfills.

Furthermore, Sortworthy is partnering with schools, places of worship, and non-profits to col- lect pre-loved items in addition to its like-minded network of retailers, thrifters, and charity stores to offer take-backs and inventory liquidations.

"About 90% of shoe waste ends up in landfills. This contaminates the environment by emitting chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Our goal is to help solve this problem by creating ways to reuse, repurpose and repair unwanted footwear - and the reality is that nearly 95% of used clothing can be reused or recycled.”

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to creating sustainable change, Sortworthy’s purpose-driven vision is coming to fruition.

To learn more about Sortworthy, please visit: 

About Sortworthy

Sortworthy is a Florida-based startup committed to closing the loop on production by recycling used textiles and shoes into second-hand sellable goods. Founded in 2022 and based in St. Petersburg, Sortworthy partners with a global network of nonprofit organizations, retailers, thrift operators, charity stores, faith-based institutions, logistic companies, and collection agencies to help reduce waste in our communities and landfills. Leveraging an 8R Zero Waste mindset, Sortworthy is changing the discourse around recycling to maximize global impact and reduce the harmful waste impacting the environment. In addition to recycling efforts, Sortworthy offers home pick-up services to residents in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, and Miami. Sortworthy gladly takes their used textiles and shoes off their hands to help create a cleaner future.





For more information or press inquiries, please contact or (727) 220-5203

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