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Process for Good

Let us introduce you to an environmentally friendly way to fundraise or improved operations.

Let's Partner for Good

From fundraising to improving operations to collecting material; whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them. We partner globally with nonprofit organizations, retailers, thrift operators, charity stores, logistic companies and collection agencies to help them deliver on organizational objectives. 

We are committed to closing the loop on production by collecting, sorting and repurposing gently worn textiles and shoes into second-hand sellable goods or raw materials. Let's partner for good; together we can achieve your targets while also positively contributing to the environment and our home planet.


Looking for fundraising ideas in your community? We have helped places of worship, schools and other organizations in multiple industries to help generate revenue and keep materials from reaching the local landfills. 

Operational Improvements

Our agile team has years of operational leadership experience spanning from big box stores, thrift operators, logistics, supply chain, collections and manufacturing. We know the product. Understand the flow and appreciate the value of the work. 

Material Collection

Our team is well versed in various methods of material collection. We can assist in collecting unwanted goods via bins, home pick-ups, pop-up events, stock exits, inventory liquidations and more. We will be happy to design a custom approach for your needs. 

Technology Solutions

The goal of closing the loop can greatly benefit from the use of technology. We offer complete technology solutions for inventory control, supply chain, logistics, fiber recycling and more. Contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation. 

Get Started

Request a Sortworthy Bin

We can help your organization turn waste into funds, divert waste from local landfills, all in an environmentally conscious way. Contact us for more information

Schedule a Pick Up

We can help your facility clear out unwanted textiles, shoes, linens, and accessories. Contact us for more information

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