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Recylcing & Upcycling

Together we can reduce waste through better collection, sorting and operational excellence.

Solutions for Good

Thrift, Second Hand & Charity Stores

We manually sort each collected piece and turn them into second-hand sellable goods. Our team sorts collected items by brand, condition and quality on categories that include, womens, mens, kids and vintage apparel. 

Inventory Liquidation 

We partner with retailers, wholesalers and thrift stores to provide them with an inventory exit option that promotes a sustainability effort. Our team is equipped to handle large volumes of textiles and shoes with the utmost care for the brand. 


The second-hand, or resell market, represents the fastest growing segment in the Retail Industry. Our 8R Zero Waste focus aims at extending the life of gently worn textiles and shoes. We are equipped to deploy our process at every level of the value chain.

Raw Materials

We work with our partners to recycle textile fibers in an effort to introduce the material to our reuse and rethink portion of the 8R ecosystem. Raw materials have been transformed into ink, insulation, rubberized pallets and additional items.


Process for Good

Our approach to a circular economy is simple, albeit, not easy to achieve. We aim at closing the loop on production by turning used textiles and shoes into second-hand sellable goods. We believe collection, sorting, and recycling of used textiles and shoes are a science. Some on our team will even say art instead.  

Each year globally, less than 1% of used textiles are recycled into new clothing items. At the same time, over 20 Billion pairs of shoes are produced. And finally, over 150 million tons of textiles and shoes are sold worldwide. To tackle this waste, we apply an 8R focus on Zero Waste (Reduce, Rethink, Recycle, Regift, Recover, Repair, Reuse, Refuse).


We partner with retailers, thrifters and charity stores to offer take-backs and inventory liquidations. We also collect pre-loved items at schools, places of worship and events.


We believe sorting material is art. Every item has use and value. With a focus on reuse, our team manually sorts every piece of textile and shoes collected to transform it into the 8R ecosystem.


When material is not able to have its shelf-life extended, we attempt to find a repurpose and reuse for the item as a raw material. If the textile is able to be recycled, the production loop will remain closed. 


We introduce unsellable material to schools, non-profits, and global small businesses that are able to produce new fashion items from previously discarded textiles. 


We are always happy to partner with organizations looking to close the loop on production. From innovation, collecting, sorting to operations; we are happy to start a conversation.

Solar Panels


We provide staffing solutions that support all areas of operations, logistics, supply chain, warehousing and recycling. Our pipeline includes subject matter experts located all over the world. 

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