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We can help your organization turn waste into funds, reduce costs, and participate in landfill diversion.  water was

Zero Cost Recycling

Sortworthy's Zero Cost Recycling Program is a comprehensive and customizable solution designed to make recycling easy, accessible, and tailored to the unique needs of diverse locations. Our program provides both indoor and outdoor bins, each meticulously branded to seamlessly integrate with your specific environment.

Whether you're a faith-based institution, school, corporate office, laundry center, parking garage, gym, retail store, or shopping mall, Sortworthy ensures that your recycling initiative aligns with your surroundings. Our bins are thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly into various settings, promoting a consistent and appealing aesthetic while encouraging responsible waste disposal.

Indoor Bins

Tailored for high-rise, laundry, office spaces, and indoor lobbies, these bins seamlessly integrate into diverse settings where space is at a premium. Fully customizable, the bins are not just a receptacle for waste but also an extension of the space's design and branding. In environments where cleanliness and orderliness are paramount, these bins contribute to a tidy and well-maintained atmosphere.

Outdoor Bins

Outdoor Bins redefine outdoor waste management, offering an ideal solution for various spaces such as parking garages, apartment communities, and schools. Engineered for durability and weather resistance, these bins are crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments.

Recycling Containers

Turn your unused parking spots into funds. Available in both 20 ft and 40 ft sizes, these containers boast full customization options to suit the unique needs and branding of shopping centers, college campuses, and corporate campuses alike.

Sneaker Bins

Sneaker Bins offer convenience and efficiency in sneaker disposal, catering to spaces where every square foot matters. Designed to for those high-traffic locations, these bins are the perfect solution for gyms, retail stores, and indoor lobbies where limited space demands strategic utilization.

Let's Reduce Waste

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We can help your organization turn waste into funds, divert waste from local landfills, all in an environmentally conscious way. Contact us for more information

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We can help your facility clear out unwanted textiles, shoes, linens, and accessories. Contact us for more information

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